Changing Directions.

Hello you lovely Blossoms!

I took quite a bit of a break from blogging while I was trying to find balance. 
For the past month I've felt very overwhelmed with my goals, daily life, work, social life, and my projects. During January, ALYB just didn't make it in to the balance no matter how hard I tried, and I'm sorry for that.
I bought a calendar and tried writing a schedule, a list, anything that would make me feel organized and clear my thoughts. Instead I got distracted, we traveled, I had homework and projects galore to complete. When I didn't accomplish something on the calendar, I felt so guilty. That created more thoughts. When I got around to even thinking about ALYB, a lot of guilt and stress flooded me, because I had so many things going that I couldn't sit down and just work on this.
I've been thinking, reading, researching. Trying to piece it out, writing lists. 
Know how a lot of the huge bloggers say to find your niche? I think I'm doing that. I think that I unconsciously gave myself permission to take a break. Think about things until my head hurt. To make choices. 

Reading back on this, it's sounding like a goodbye post. And in a way, it is. I'm entering a new era of ALYB. I'm shedding the old, donning the new, and beginning again. This is a start over.

I have a few more posts I'd like to publish before ALYB enters the new era, so don't worry. 

Going back to the niche thing, I want to work on photography, fiber, and creative writing. This will be the new look to ALYB. I know some of you really liked my society-blasting and music posts, So maybe in the near future I'll put together a little blog to do just that. 

Until the next post...

Q + AYYY Answers

Guess what I have? Answers! 
I'm answering your questions from the Q and A! Let's do this.

Do you think I'm a unicorn? Be honest.
Sorry Bakeleigh, (My sister) you're not a unicorn. 

Who is your favorite--Momma or Daddy?
Seriously?! I can't and won't answer this.

What's your favorite TV show?
I don't watch much tv, (too much to do, so little time) but I love Once Upon A Time, Modern Family, Fresh Off The Boat, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

When and how did you start blogging?
I got interested in blogging from my amazing friend Emily, who was blogging at the time. I met her on Ravelry, and she designed my blog and got me started! ALYB started November 27, 2013. 

Where do you get inspiration for blog posts?
What goes on around me, books, and Pinterest!

Why are you so amazing? 
Ah well I have an amazing family and friends that have loved me through anything and everything, so I suppose that's what makes me amazing. *blushes* Much love to whoever wrote this!

Who does your makeup? It is always so on point!
I wear makeup for special occasions, (I dislike the removal of everything because it takes FOREVERRR so I rarely have it on) so I'm not that great at doing makeup. Momma is the best at it, so I just take care of mascara and she does the rest. Thank you Momma!

Who is your biggest role model and why?
I don't have just one, but a few that come to mind are Momma, Daddy, and Ellen DeGeneres, If there's one most important thing they've taught me, it's to be kind and be a good human being.

Who are some bloggers that greatly inspire you?
Elise and Emma from A Beautiful Mess, Rosie from Self Known, Melyssa from The Nectar Collective, and Katie from Skunkboy Blog. Love them all!

How has blogging impacted your life?
I've grown my knowledge while blogging, as well as learned to collaborate and write more.

Why are you so smart, responsible and beautiful?
These questions are making me blush! I guess because my parents raised me to be responsible, and I've always had a passion for learning, and I guess genetics and being kind to myself?

Favorite books?
I loved the Lunar Chronicles, and I love any kind of Historical Fiction. SO GOOD.

What do you want to major in for college, and what are your top five dream schools to attend once you graduate from high school?
Ah! I guess I haven't said anything about this here yet.
I don't want/have a need to go to college right now. Everything I would learn in college are things I can teach myself using online courses, YouTube and books. So for now, college is not on the list. (Leaving room + time for things like travelling the world and experiencing different cultures!)

Thank you for your lovely questions, I had fun answering them!

2016 Goals

Happy New Year Blossoms!
I hope 2016 holds much joy for you all. I made some goals for this year, and thought I'd share them with you!

Eat less fast food and more green food.
I know that I feel terrible after eating fast food, so why do I keep eating it? Salads FTW!

Get active.
During Winter, I'm not active very much at all. I'm going to make a special effort to get active!

Make a capsule wardrobe and stick to it.
Starting in Spring, I'm going to use a capsule wardrobe and stick to it the entire year.

Be more present.
I am going to start leaving my ringer off and forgetting about my electronics.

Work less.
I have already planned a schedule with a wall calendar, and I've decided what days I'll work on ALYB + HND. 

Learn 1 (or 4) new languages. 
I am currently enrolled in French, Italian, Dutch, and Spanish on Duolingo. I want to be fluent in all 4 by next year!

Do more art.
I want to get back to painting and drawing!

Drink more water.
So far, this goal is working out really well!

Further myself in learning guitar.
I've learned so much already, but I want to learn MORE!!

Drive, and get my license.
Definitely something I want to do this year!

Do you have any special goals for 2016?

November Round Up

Welcome back to another episode of Bryleigh gets stressed and ends up wailing! (Jk I don't wail.)
Seriously though, I have no idea what's gotten into me. I get myself stressed, start new projects to take away stress, get stressed about the new projects and then end up mad at myself with too many projects to keep track of. I think it's probably the holidays getting to me.
ANYWAYS. This is November's round up, so enjoy!


I made this cowl, and shared the pattern + other info for it! 

I shared my most favourite fonts, and they're all free!

I turned sixteen, and I had an awesome birthday!

I did a Q + A! (I'll have the answers in the next post, so you can still ask questions if you like!)

I talked about centering blogging elements in CSS, and included the codes as well!

ALYB turned two years old, and some fellow blogging friends helped me host an amazing giveaway!

I DROVE ON THE ACTUAL STREET AND NOT A PARKING LOT WOOOAAAHH. Parking is not fun. I babysat, I designed, I knitted, I did a lot of fun stuff and I celebrated my 16th year of being alive! Yay!

Loooots of classical (for concentration) and TOP, Panic!, plus Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

How was your November?

Hello November Designs + Awkward Teen

Recently, I received an order request from Awkward Teen, who blogs at The Terrible Tales of an Awkward Teen. She wanted a full blog makeover, and I was able to help her! 
Awkward Teen wanted a light and welcoming design, so I went with a nice lilac and used neutrals to help it stand out.

I had so much fun creating this, and Awkward Teen is so great to work with. 
What do you think of the design?

Want to work with me or get a new design for your blog? 
click here and here!

ALYB's 2nd Birthday Scavenger Hunt Giveaway

It's here! The giveaway! It's amazing! Let's do this!

Refresher on the rules:
The clues are posted on the rafflecopter widget

You'll follow the clues to earn points, which you will keep track with the rafflecopter widget we will have posted on each of our blogs.

We will determine the winners a few days after the start

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone, and thank you all for being amazing Blossoms!

Happy Birthday to A Little Yarn Blossom!


This blog means so much to me and has allowed me to grow myself and learn so much more about the world, and for that I am forever grateful.
I want to give back to you Blossoms, for being so amazing.

I have teamed up with Noor, Rosie, EnvyJerneja, Anna, Sanjana, Arushee, Mackenzie, Ava, and May Designs to bring you a fun game!
This is a scavenger hunt giveaway, and we will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners all of which will get amazing prizes!

The info/rules:
We will have clues posted on a to be determined location

You'll follow the clues to earn points, which you will keep track with the rafflecopter widget we will have posted on each of our blogs.

We will determine the winners a few days after the start

We can't wait to begin, and I'm so excited to see this happen! Good luck to everyone!

Center CSS

I love code, especially when it involves designing a blog! Centering elements creates a modern, organized + professional look for your blog. 
Note:: this is for Blogger blogs. I haven't tested this on Wordpress.

Center header:
#header-inner img {margin: 0 auto;}

Center post titles:
.post-title {text-align:center;}

Center post dates:
.date-header {text-align:center;}

Center gadget titles:
.section-columns h2, #sidebar-right-1 h2, #sidebar-left-1  {text-align: center;}

Centre menu tabs:
.PageList {text-align:center !important;}
.PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

To install:
Go to Template - Customize - Advanced - Add CSS - Add code, remember to click Apply To Blog and ta-da! Everything centered!

If you did it, comment your link so I can see!

Q + A

I haven't done a Q + A in forever, so let's do this!
Just ask your question, and press submit! I'll answer them next week.

Turning Sixteen

Welp. It's official. I'm sixteen. This past year I've learned so much about myself. I laughed, I cried, I had great times, and some bad times. You Blossoms have journeyed far with me this year, and I'm so glad!

Here are some snapshots from Friday (my birthday, I was too busy to get the post up that night)

A photo posted by Bryleigh McCarty (@alittleyarnblossom) on

I got so giggly after everyone sang happy birthday to me that I couldn't blow my candles out! It took me a while to blow them out. :P

Momma, Daddy, Buzz and I went to brunch, (which was soo good!) and then Momma and the other four siblings went to Michaels to get presents. When they got back we chilled for a while, and then Daddy went to the store for the mini cheesecakes and soup. We set to work, and daddy and the boys ran an errand. When they got back, we went and picked up our friends, and we went to the mall and did some birthday shopping at Forever 21 (I LOVE THAT PLACE UGH I WANT TO BUY ALL THE THINGS THERE) and when we got back, we did presents and cake and then we stayed up until past midnight just talking and laughing. 

16 was a truly fantastic birthday. 

My Favourite Free Fonts

I've always loved fonts, but since launching Hello November Designs I've become OBSESSED. When we're in the store, I keep an eye out for great fonts and the formatting on the package. My sisters think I'm weird, but who cares!
I put together this list of some of my favourite fonts just for y'all! And they're free!
Scouring Pinterest for these fonts was fun, but finding pretty and cool fonts that are free are sometimes hard to find, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! The links are below to the download sites.

Braided Cable Cowl

I finished the cowl for Alessandro's auction, and I must say I'm pretty proud of it!

I used Knitpicks' Brava Bulky in white, and the green is wool I spun myself. CABLES ARE SO MUCH FUN YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. This cowl is FULL of cables. I put it on pause for a couple weeks buecause when I have deadlines, I start more projects. It's not smart, but I think I just panic (at the disco) and feel the need to start more to cope. Eventually I did buckle down and get it done, so yay!

My sister was not being a satisfactory camera-lady. And she was being a weirdo.

The cowl is so soft, and so quick to knit! If you had enough time to make it, it would make a pretty great gift.
I used Purl Soho's Braided Cable Cowl pattern, and I didn't block the cowl when I finished because I wanted it to be slouchy.

Also, that day I laughed so hard pretty much the whole day because it was just a funny day full of antics from everyone.

My turn to be a weirdo! I need to make this again for myself, because I would seriously wear that whole outfit a lot.

Are you knitting anything or making anything? 

October Round Up


I did a complete redesign of Envy's blog! Read all about it. 

I talk about stress and give you some great playlists to relax with! 

Here's an update on what's going on behind the scenes! 

The newest round up of the Etsy products that caught my eye!

I babysat a ton, and Apex is going so well! I finished the projects for Alessandro's auction, planned a Halloween party, and my costume! The Halloween party was a huge success and my costume turned out great! I played a lot of guitar, and I'm practicing as much as I can for choir and musical theatre. 

How did your October go?

Lost In Translation // HND FO Post

Hey Blossoms! How are y'all?
Today I'm sharing a different kind of FO post. A Hello November Designs version!

Envy emailed me a little more than two weeks ago, needing a complete makeover for her blog. She told me everything she needed, and I got to work! The first draft was actually spot on, so I didn't make many changes.

Envy wanted something similar to the In Theory template, but a little less pink. Teal and green-blues are more her thing, which I love! Envy is so awesome, and it's always such a treat to work with her.
Envy also wanted watercolor elements, like in the In Theory template.

Wanna work with me, or get a new blog design for free?
Click here and here!

Go check out Envy's blog, and check out our collab from earlier this year!

Autumn Etsy Faves

When I'm browsing Etsy, I've become aware of certain things. If something catches my eye, it's usually the product, and the photography. These four items are my current favourites.

One day I hope to be able to knit like this. #GOALS

How cute is this mug? Y'all know I'm a sucker for rose gold, and during Autumn and Winter I drink a ton of tea. This mug is perfection.

Infinity scarves are so freaking cute. I just love the colors.

Phone cases like this are the best because they can go with almost any outfit (I like my accessories to match my outfit.) Yes.

I can't wait to join these wonderful shops on Etsy. 
In other news, we went to a pumpkin patch on Thursday and we decorated for Halloween today and UGH GUYS I'M SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN AND AUTUMN WEATHER AND ALL THE HOT DRINKS. 
What's your week been like?